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But O’Donnell found insufficient evidence to decide whether Rampulla’s interest in the student was “paternal, familial or sexual.

How are people taking that? So she said the effect of the financial vulnerabilities, stuff like that, are not understood.

LIPTAK: She had some fun with a line, and I hope I quote it exactly right, that Chief Justice Roberts I think is proud of - in an earlier decision - that the way to stop racial discrimination is to stop discriminating on the basis of race.

Yes, life was much simpler, but definitely less exciting.

Utah began giving away apartments to homeless individuals after realizing how much money could be saved.

In other words, save for their physical attributes and appearance, to all intents and purposes they are human, together with the whole gamut of emotions.

If government is not performing and you challenge it, someone will say you are challenging it because it is not your faith.

The Court merely determined that the beliefs were sincere.


If we stop to ponder then that there would have been no Malaysia without bringing in Sarawak and Sabah, then our appreciation of these two states should grow by leaps and bounds.

The humility that Qataris are known for is a sign of the strong who are sure of themselves, and arrogance leads to committing mistakes… We don’t live on the edge of life, lost without direction, and we are not answerable to anyone or wait on anyone for instructions.

tabloid incited the 53-year-old actor's wrath by publishing a story about fiancée Amal Alamuddin's mother Monday.

His son Erano inherited the post, and was credited for expanding the religion overseas, largely by tapping into the large community of Filipino overseas workers.

Recently, a comic entitled Ultraman: The Ultra Power was also labelled illegal.

Muscato said it is unlikely lawmakers will ever seek to get the provisions taken out of the state constitutions, as there is rarely a push to remove unenforceable laws from the books.

Ways to push back are more unanimous decisions and another way, whether it was intended or not, was two years ago the decision sustaining the Affordable Care Act, where Chief Justice Roberts, in an election year, saved the Democratic president's signature legislative accomplishment by joining the court's liberals to uphold the court provision of that law.

The ML also won in the NWFP.

She told them "don't write book (on such suggestions) after retirement.

It may be said a different way.

These theories were pseudo-science of the worst kind, but it wasn't this that discredited them.

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